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Vertex Hydropore supplies standard off the shelf models and turn key Ultrafiltration water treatment solutions.

Ultrafiltration water treatment units can be supplied as stand alone modules, skid mounted plant including pretreatment equipment, enclosed cabinet models and transportable shipping containers.

What is Ultrafiltration? Click here to see Ultrafiltration theory.
Ultrafiltration Water Treatment

Ultrafiltration uses self cleaning hollow fibre membranes to remove particles down to 0.03 microns. It removes particles, cysts, bacteria and many viruses.

Ultrafiltration can be used to remove suspended solids including sub micron colloids from town water, river water, dam water, bore water and sea water. It will not remove dissolved solids such as mineral salts or inorganic chemicals. Additional water treatment methods may be required. 

It can be used to clean water for potable water applications as well as pretreatment for reverse osmosis systems.

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