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SS-2000 Rreverse Osmosis SystemContaminants may include pathogens, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, chlorine, chloramine, and suspended solids. Biological pathogens may include cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium and bacteria. Organic chemicals are predominantly chlorination by products. Inorganic chemicals can be naturally occuring mineral salts and synthetic salts used for municipal water processing. Suspended soilids may rise after heavy rain.

Ultafilter System














Treatment solutions may include coarse filtration, sub micron filtration, organic reduction, inorganic reduction and disinfection.

Typically applied  technologies include:

Coarse filtration - backwashing multimedia filter and bag filter or cartridge filter

Sub micron filtration - self cleaning ultrafilter

Organic reduction - activated carbon, anion resin

Inorganic reduction - reverse osmosis

Disinfection chlorine, ozone, ultraviolet irradiation



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